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  • Who We Are.

    The best option in residential solar.

    We connect creditworthy homeowners, customer-centric installers and financial investors, creating partnerships and aligning interests to enable all members of the solar value chain to benefit. Together, we make solar an investment – not just another monthly expense.

    What’s important to us.

    It’s About Alignment

    Customers first. Always.

    We bring together homeowners, installers and investors in a structure to maximize the alignment of interests between all stakeholders. We do not see the value of solar as a zero-sum game. Instead, all members of the solar value chain benefit.

    The economics of solar have become increasingly compelling, and the financial markets have been slow to adapt. The financing options that are currently available to homeowners looking to install solar are outdated.


    An outstanding solar experience.

    We are committed to delivering the highest quality experience to each of our customers and partners. By working with leading installers that share our commitment to deploying high quality solar PV systems, we are able to underwrite our installation partners upfront and streamline the funding and installation process.

    The combination of creditworthy homeowners, high quality PV equipment and leading workmanship results in more durable systems and lower-risk loans for our investors.

    Question Convention

    Challenge the solar status quo.

    Why is it harder to get a solar loan than finance a new car, the most rapidly depreciating asset you can buy? Why don’t more homeowners own assets that can pay for themselves in as little as 4-5 years and have 25+ year useful lives? Why do quality-driven installers lack a convenient, attractively-priced loan financing solution to offer their customers? Why not solar?

    These are questions we ask ourselves every day. These are the problems we are solving at Dividend Solar.

    Create Change

    Solar, an economic reality.

    Solar is no longer just an environmental dream, it's an economic reality. Positive environmental and economic returns are no longer mutually exclusive.

    Technology has increasingly provided consumers unmitigated, true free market access to information, transforming many key industries – telecom, media, transportation – formerly controlled by a handful of corporations, with little incentive to innovate. We believe that banking and energy – two of the largest segments of our economy – are in the early stages of a similar revolution.

    We love what we do.

    We love what we do.

    At Dividend Solar, we love what we are building together - so much that we actually look forward to Monday mornings. We've assembled an awesome team and feel lucky to call our office in San Francisco, "DS HQ." Some of our best ideas have come together sitting around the table, admiring the view, from the roof of our office.

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