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    Find out how much you can save by going solar in America’s sunniest state

    Want to lead Arizona's transition to solar energy?

    Enjoy all of the benefits of simple solar ownership.

    In the state that boasts the Valley of the Sun, the Phoenix Suns and the Sun Devils, solar power is the rising king of energy.

    Our customers in Arizona have installed home solar panels for a variety of reasons: to save money, to help the local environment, to gain independence from the utility companies, to show off their sweet new panels to their neighbors.

    All of them have taken advantage of Arizona's most abundant natural resource: the sun.

    Some of Our Arizona Solar Installations

    • 12.01kW in Tucson, AZ

      6.90kW in Surprise, AZ

      5.90kW in Buckeye, AZ

    • 23.0kW in Tucson, AZ

      9.44kW in Phoenix, AZ

      10.41kW in Tucson, AZ

    Home Solar in Arizona Is More Affordable than Ever Before

    30% Federal
    Tax Credit

    State Tax Credit
    Up to $1,000

    Sell Your Extra Production
    with Net Metering

    For more information, check out our Arizona Solar FAQs below

    What Our Arizona Solar Customers Are Saying

    • I'm extremely satisfied with my decision to go with Dividend Solar. Their customer service has been good and super nice so far. They guide you through enrollment, get all the permits and the approvals and let you know the status each step of the way. There was also one person from the customer service who was really nice and easy to work with and answered all our questions quite promptly. I got some of my utility bills now and everything that they said was spot on so I'm happy about that. I've recommended them to a bunch of people already.

      Melody Gilbert, AZ

      Dividend Solar was great. Everything was smooth and according to the terms. I'd recommend them.

      Spencer Gilbert, AZ

    • We wanted to go solar to both offset our electricity usage and help the environment. We were very satisfied with Dividend Solar. The process was very simple as it was all online, they were always courteous, and addressed our concerns as they arose. It was a big help to us.

      Erica Surprise, AZ

      I looked into solar options as I thought it would save me money on my monthly electric bill and I decided to go with Dividend Solar after I was impressed with their representative. He was able to answer my questions and the process went smoothly. I’m very satisfied with it and I’m saving money. I’d recommend them to a friend.

      Romeo Gilbert, AZ

    • I am very satisfied with my decision to go with Dividend Solar. I first heard about them through a local Solar company and I’m glad I did because Enrolling with Dividend was very easy. Their customer service helped me get everything set up right away.

      William Buckeye, AZ

      I liked the idea of Dividend Solar (low cost and green environmental factor) so I enrolled with them. The enrollment process was very easy. It's just going to their website and signing up, which is barely any trouble at all – especially given that the website was so good. Overall, I have been very satisfied.

      Andrew Phoenix, AZ

    • We decided to look into solar energy options for two reasons. First, we were trying to increase the value of our home and second, during the summer months our traditional electricity bill can get pretty costly from running the air conditioning so we thought that it would be good to go solar. We went with Dividend Solar where our experience enrolling was very easy. We didn't have any issues.

      Jacob Tucson, AZ

      The idea of being energy independent made me decide to look into solar energy services. Enrolling was easy. The people at Dividend Solar were very friendly and easy to work with.

      Allen Mesa, AZ

    • Dividend Solar has been really good and their customer service was excellent. I am very satisfied with the decision to go solar.

      Dario Maricopa, AZ

      A salesman of Dividend Solar came to my house and he was very personable and helpful. He didn't sell their product to me, it sold itself. I had really looked into other solar companies and the salesman had given me some information as well. I've already recommended them to others and a friend of mine called them yesterday.

      Ronald Maricopa, AZ

    How Going Solar in Arizona Works

    Step 1

    Sign up

    Step 2

    Talk to a
    solar specialist

    Step 3

    Check out your
    custom design

    Step 4

    Relax during

    Step 5

    Watch your
    savings grow

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Homeowners who choose to install solar panels in Arizona will benefit from savings on utility bills, federal tax credits, as well as Arizona's state tax credit for solar. The solar industry in Arizona is supported by the state government, which offers a $1,000 state tax credit for homeowners who go solar and own their systems directly. If you choose to own your system rather than lease it, you may receive this credit on your taxes*, enough to cover two 10-game ticket plans to the Suns this year for you and a special someone.

    Finally, like many other states, Arizona utilities have Net Metering policies which allow homeowners to be credited for extra energy fed back to the power grid. If designed optimally, a homeowner can expect to offset 100% of their current electricity use while also having some left over to sell back to the grid.

    *Dividend Solar does not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult your tax advisor for more information.

    In 2014, $624 million was spent on solar installations across the state by residents trying to save money and help the environment.

    Source: http://www.seia.org/state-solar-policy/arizona

    While the cost of electricity in Arizona is below average in the U.S., the abundant sunlight more than makes up for it and our homeowners can expect to save money immediately.

    When you begin to generate your own solar power, your utility bill can drop significantly. How much you can save will depend on the size of your solar system, your electricity usage, your current utility rates, and other factors. Our team and partners can design a system for you using remote assessment tools, and can present you with a system designed specifically for your home to give you a sense or your expected solar savings.

    Working with the best solar installers in Arizona, Dividend Solar offers our customers a better, simpler way to go solar and save money on your utility bills.

    For more information, check out our General FAQs

    Need more information about going solar in Arizona?