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    Get to Know Tamiko

    Women in Solar: Ivy Gilbert, Owner & CEO of iQ Power

    It's a hazy Tuesday morning here at the Dividend HQ in San Francisco, and today I have the pleasure of interviewing Ivy Gilbert, Owner & CEO of iQ Power, one of the Dividend partners. In this article we get to know the very talented and interesting Ivy Gilbert and gain some great insights into how she's been able to successfully juggle building one of the largest solar companies ...

    Simple Tricks to Reduce Your Utility Bill

    You get home after a long day of work, relax, pop your feet up on the coffee table, look through some mail, open up some bills an– wait… what!, you think to yourself, how is our utility bill so high this month? Here are some simple tips and tricks to help reduce your utility costs and get those scary high utility bills to be a thing of the past ...

    Get to Know Tamiko

    Welcome to our very first blog posting of our #GetToKnow series. This series will feature an interview with one of our Dividend Team members and will give our network the opportunity to meet the people behind it all. Our first interview will be with Tamiko Little, our Credit Manager here at Dividend, San Diego. Check out what a day in the life ...