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    From the hills of San Francisco to the studios of Hollywood, homeowners across California have taken advantage of solar energy for years now. Given the extremely high cost of traditional electricity in California and (thankfully) a large population of nature-loving citizens, adoption of green energy sources has been both widespread and successful.

    Our customers in California have installed home solar panels for a variety of reasons: to save money, to help both the local and global environment, to gain independence from utility companies, to cheaply power their electric vehicles, and to show off their sweet new panels to their neighbors.

    All of them have taken advantage of one of California's best attributes – the sun.

    Here at Dividend Solar, California is home to us as well. Help us keep our state healthy and clean!

    Some of Our California Solar Installations

    • 11.78kW Escondido, CA

      7.02kW Tracy, CA

      7.02kW Carlsbad, CA

    • 8.50kW Antioch, CA

      5.87kW Escondido, CA

      8.40kW Winchester,CA

    Home Solar in California Is More Affordable than Ever Before

    30% Federal
    Tax Credit

    Sell Your Extra Production
    with Net Metering

    For more information, check out our California Solar FAQs below

    What Our California Solar Customers Are Saying

    • My wife and I have five kids and we live in a large one-story house so we're always looking to save money. That's why we decided to get Dividend Solar. Signing up with them was pretty easy and it took me very little time on the computer. I also got quick responses so I was very pleased. Their customer service is courteous and they were able to answer all my questions. So far, everything has gone well and we're very happy with Dividend Solar.

      Garry Encinitas, CA

      My wife and I decided we wanted to own our solar panels outright and so we sought out a financing option that ultimately resulted in ownership without sacrificing on service and quality. Our installer recommended Dividend Solar, so we gave them a try. We couldn't be happier - the process was easy, streamlined and the team very helpful. I can't recommend them enough!

      Matthew San Francisco, CA

    • We decided to go solar because our electric bill was so high. We had a lot of problems with a different solar company but Dividend helped us find somebody that was very reputable and did an awesome job. They helped us in more ways than just the financing part. So far we are very satisfied with Dividend.

      Julie Chino Hills, CA

      My experience with Dividend Solar has been fantastic. It comes down to just two things - what you are getting and who you are working with. Dividend Solar is phenomenal on both accounts. The loan they provide is the best option I found for maximizing the value of a home solar system. The people? They patiently explain everything, call you back, and are professional in every manner. I couldn't recommend them enough. Go with Dividend Solar!

      Steve Los Angeles, CA

    • I'm honestly shocked that I'm writing a review but I was so surprised (pleasantly surprised) by my experience with Dividend Solar that I decided to submit one. The team actually seemed like they wanted to work with me, help me and that they cared about what was best for me rather than just completing a deal. I was really stressed about the process but Dividend Solar made it as easy as possible - they took the worry and stress off of me and were really great partners in this process. They addressed all of my questions quickly and professionally and continued to be present even after I had signed on with them. I also love that there is no penalty for paying my loan early - which I'm looking forward to being able to do with the savings from my solar system!

      Sonia San Francisco, CA

      It was super easy enrolling with Dividend Solar. Our experience with them was great and our monthly bill is down to $20 a month. When I called customer service with questions, everything was answered.

      Neal Clovis, CA

    • I've worked with Dividend Solar for several months and am thoroughly happy and satisfied with their process. Dividend's solution allows homeowners to OWN their solar system, but pay for it monthly rather than upfront. The monthly payment for the solar system is LESS COSTLY than the utility power the solar system is replacing. Put differently, homeowners can switch to solar power with no money out of the family budget, and OWN the system which drives up the value of their home. Dividend factors in the government rebate for owned solar systems. That means your monthly payment starts small, and stays small! Their loan's terms are very attractive, transparent, and homeowner-friendly! Every step of the way is engineered to deliver an excellent customer experience switching to Solar.

      James Orinda, CA

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Homeowners who choose to install solar panels in California will not only benefit from savings on their monthly utility bill, but they'll also have an opportunity to take advantage of the federal tax credit equal to 30% of the system cost*.

    Finally, like many other states, California utilities have Net Metering policies which allow homeowners to be credited for extra energy fed back to the power grid. If designed optimally, a homeowner can expect to offset 100% of their current electricity use while also having some left over to sell back to the grid.

    *Dividend Solar does not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult your tax advisor for more information.

    In 2014, $11.8 billion was spent on solar installations across the state by residents trying to save money and help the environment.

    Source: http://www.seia.org/state-solar-policy/california

    California actually leads the nation in solar projects with a whopping 456k installations. That's almost 11,000 MW for all you energy-nerds out there!

    Source: http://www.gosolarcalifornia.ca.gov

    Going solar in California is an absolute slam-dunk from a cost perspective. Not only does California's location provide abundant sunlight, but its sky-high electricity costs make solar an incredibly appealing proposition.

    When you begin to generate your own solar power, your utility bill can drop significantly. How much you can save will depend on the size of your solar system, your electricity usage, your current utility rates, and other factors. Our team and partners can design a system for you using remote assessment tools, and can present you with a system designed specifically for your home to give you a sense of your expected solar savings.

    Working with the best solar installers in California, Dividend Solar offers its customers a better, simpler way to go solar and save money on utility bills.

    For more information, check out our General FAQs

    Need more information about going solar in California?