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  • Residential PACE Financing.

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    PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) is a means of financing energy efficiency,
    renewable energy, and water conservation measures. A PACE assessment is repaid
    via semi-annual installments on your property tax bill.

    Why Energy Upgrades with PACE?

    • Enhance Property Value: Upgrading your home with energy efficient measures enhances its value, provides greater comfort and saves on utility costs.
    • Long Term, Low Cost: Long term, low cost financing combined with potential tax benefits and energy savings provide a cost-effective means to update your home.
    • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: Reduce your carbon footprint by utilizing Dividend’s PACE financing to invest in clean energy improvements.
    Low Rates
    Primarily Based
    on Home Equity

    *Please check with your tax adviser regarding available tax benefits such as interest deductibility and Investment Tax Credits.
    Each individual’s tax scenario is unique. Dividend does not provide tax advice.

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    Where We Are.

    We collaborate with cities and counties to make PACE financing available in their community.
    Currently, Dividend’s Residential PACE is offered in many cities and counties in California.

    Contact us to see if PACE is available in your city or county
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